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I stumbled across this airport (KFFZ) and it crashed my app but I didn’t know why until I saw how many gates there were. Does anyone know what this airport is mostly used for? It would look cool if someone had a big event at the airport, though it would be very laggy!

Looking at the names of some of the gates/parking it looks like a variety of things

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There was one topic about this, and can’t remember it.

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This was fixed a while back. Make sure you have the latest app version from the app store.

There was an issue with the number of gates but it was fixed. If it is crashing for you a reinstall might help.


Oh, okay thank you!

I don’t know if I was responded to on accident or not but If on purpose I don’t know why

Sorry it was an accodent

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Ok, no problem. Just wanted to clarify

That airport is mostly used for General Aviation aircrafts.

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Thank you very much!

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