Quick question

Anyone know if a 787-10 can make a 18Hr flight?

You can close thus onec there are some good responces😃

It wpuld be singapore to NYC by the way

It should be able too. Load it up on fuel

Ok, buecuai the ofucoal range is not able, but aparently IF has a much longer range

Well, there are no real life flights from Singapore to New York City. I doubt the 787 can make it there unless it stops somewhere along the way to refuel.

There’s no place to stop. That flight heads straight over the North Pole.

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Singapore did for a while, then they gave up when they sold theur A340s, but it will restart with the A350

Wxcept the warmest place on planet eirth SIBERIA!!!

Is there really a real life flight from Singapore to New York City that heads over the North Pole?

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Oh yes, a nice toasty -80 F this time of year. Back on topic, I say give it a shot. The 787-10 should be able to make it.


I’ve seen discussions on the inter webs about the A350 possibly doing a Singapore to Newark, NJ route.



Wow, when do you think those flights will actually be in service?

I am aware that this is off-topic, but I am just curious.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singapore_Airlines_Flight_21 it was for a wile, but the new one wolnt start till singapore gets the A350-1000

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Well I think I will try, in the morning I can figure out if I will need to refuel, or if I should continue during school

Maybe you could tell us if you actually succeeded or not. Then we could also try it out to get a lot of flight hours. :)

Maybe report back here if your flight succeeded or failed. :)

The A380 made the NYC to Simgapore, this is the return flight, but I prefir the 787 as awsomely large as the 380 moght be

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Will keep you up to date though

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Yes it can be done. I flew over 10000 miles in the 787 multiple times and ended up with 2-3 hours of gas left.


I’m pretty sure the B787-10 has a similar range to the B767. Of course most airbus aircraft have a far longer range.

Wich one -8 -9 or -10?