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If I have a current Live subscription and I buy another will it add a month to the current available Eg/ if I have 10days remaining and I buy live will I have 1month 10days???

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No, if you buy 12 month sub. It gives you 12 months, it doesn’t add 12 months.

Ex. My live + expires in a month, if I buy live + now I get 12 months, not 13 (1 month left + 12 months added)

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Is it possible to purchase one before your current sub expires?

Yes Tishy possible…

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Yes, but it sets you to 12 months, it doesn’t add 12 months. (Or 1 month for regular live)

It adds 12 months Kevin

It does? I thought it sets you to 12 months.

Just trying to figure out how to buy it now. I really don’t mind if I lose the remaining time I have or not. It’s only 12 days and I’m looking to get an extra year

I guess I will have to try

This have been up for debate a few times, if you can stack subs or not… and i still haven’t read anyone with actual facts that you can. I know it wasn’t possible before at least.

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The usual App store/Play

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Is it possible to purchase IAP through the iTunes App Store? This seems like something I should know but I really have no clue

Yes you can Tish, Zachary

I must me completely missing this then, haha