Quick Question?

Hi All,
I have just got my iPad and I am using my older Google + account for the 1 month live subscription however I want to buy an aircraft. Now if I buy the aircraft on my google device will it appear on my Apple one?
(I’m wondering as I have a £2 off voucher on my google device and rather use it to buy a plane but I don’t really is the google device)

Nope, live is the only thing that carries over because of being signed in on an account.

Live carries over on both devices.

Aircraft purchases are made with Apple and Google respectively. They don’t carry over.


Apple and Android hold their IAPs seperate. Only live subscriptions can be transferred

Also why are planes £1 cheaper on Android! That shouldn’t be the case should it as it’s not really fair.

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Ya i bought the 789 on my iPad Pro and it carried over to my iPad Air

That’s different that’s Apple to Apple using your Apple ID not Android to Apple using a google account.