Quick Question: Setting speed commands on Tower freq.

Can anyone point me to a thread to see how you can set specific speeds to targets on the approach frequency. I’m not sure if this is because of a software issue or if because I’m not an expert controller the only speed direction I can give are best forward, maintain and slowest practical speeds.

Thanks just trying to make my way up to be an expert controller.


If you click maintain speed you should see the exact speed command. Something like this:


If you press maintain speed, what happens to you??

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Thanks, I think I must have been on a tower frequency and didn’t see it, but when I checked the departure/approach frequency - ti checks out. Thanks again!

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@SirNick, that’s correct. Just available on approach/departure. Would be great to have sometimes on tower when you’re alone without approach. But maybe something for the future! Best of luck in your ATC training

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