Quick question (regarding autopilot)

Hey IF community,

Is there a way I can let the autopilot automatically adjust the altitude and speed settings in the event that I want to do a long haul flight while I sleep? So far, all I know is that you can only set a course for autopilot to follow with the flight plan → LNAV. I also know that VNAV controls altitude, only for descent.


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unfortunately there is no way you can do like this, you have to set the speed and altitude before going away in any long haul.

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Thanks! I will note this when doing lh trips

There’s a 3rd party app called IF Assistant for iOS that can do the job. Unfortunately the feature is currently broken due to works on the API. You’ll have to wait for 23.2. hopefully it’s gonna work again.

Sometimes if I get a fuel warning from the high winds causing me to be slow, before bed I would just set my autopilot to a slower airspeed or lower altitude. Although it makes the flight longer, I usually only do overnights on weekends. So if you this means waiting all the at until noon or 1pm to land, I’m fine with that personally.

is there an alternative for android? I have the S23 Ultra

Unfortunately, no.

damn… that sucks

I just posted an IF flight on my insta if u wanna check it out

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