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We’re can I go to create a domain for free if not thinking about revamping my va’s website with VAM

If you are thinking of revamping your website I recommend Weebly. They have a free domain for your website that you can choose and they also have a great system for creating beautiful websites!

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You can use weebly.com or wix.com

For a free domain or address, you can use Freenom and link it to any website maker like Wix.

Will weebly allow me to install a database?

Most of the free builders stated above will give you a free yournaehere.weebly.com or weebly.com/yournamehere sort of address.

If you want an address of yournamehere.com that points to your website, those you will have to register and costs on average under $20 for a year through a domain registrar like godaddy.

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PhpVMS is awesome for your website as it’s a soley for making VA websites. but you need to know how to code

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VAM will require you to have much more access to the server than what the free places give you. I set up VAM once and while it has cool features it can be very complicated for non-technical people to configure.

You need access to run commands against the database, ftp files, etc.

VAM is best suited for a hosted ($$$) environment.


I have some one for that I’ll look into php

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I use https://domainr.com to find a domain host then usually pick https://uniregistry.com and host the website on https://asmallorange.com

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Not free though, but if you want to go that route.

Edit: Some choices on domainr.com are free.

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But you need to know what you are going to put on it and the access required before picking a host. They are not all alike.

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I wouldn’t recomend any other than wix.com for free website hosting. Never tried weebly. Only downside to wix is their editor. It is decent but frustrating.

Edit: You can’t edit CSS. That was the dealbreaker for me. Also, forgot about wordpress.com

I recommend 000webhost as it has all of the great features and your can have 2 websites running for free. You can transfer over your domain from a website such as freenom and it lets you install pHpVMS. I know a few people who have tried to install VAM but failed due to lack of technical and coding skills. I suggest pHpVMS. They have all types of tutorial on how to install it on the forum ( phpvms.net ) The only downside to free web hosting is that it doesn’t let the bootstrap collapse meaning your website won’t be optimized for mobile electronics such as tablets, phones, and small computers.

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