Quick Question: How to Navigate through Messages

Is it possible to bring the newest messages up in the settings or in any other ways when reading a topic and its posts?

It is very frustrating to see the oldest messages first, especially when you have already been through those in the past. And even worse when reading on the phone as we don’t have that blue side bar on the right or at the bottom to navigate through time (at least on safari).

And it gets even worse in hot topics where tons of posts are to be skipped until finally maybe we get to the recent posts (many times I quit after not seeing the end and the finger action to skip up/down is just painful both physically and mentally).

Thanks for any advices!

You do have the scroll bar - see the blue rectangle in the bottom right?

Click on it and you’ll see this:

Scroll using it to get to the bottom :)

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I don’t have any scroll bars here when I am using my phone which is almost all the time. Do you use safari or other browsers?

On Safari for iOS you just need to tap this little blue one to get the scroll bar.


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@FiniteFlight see this, you do have it

Believe it or not I don’t see that in my safari. Is there something I am missing from the settings or … I am really confused now why I don’t have this! 🤢🤒🤔

Can you show us a screenshot?

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Switch to mobile view. Tap the three bars and then you have it in the bottom of what pops up.


Marvelous! Thanks for the help 🙂🙃

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