Quick Question for the people of higher grades!

Do you get more XP if you fly the same route on an expert or training server compared to the XP you’d get on the casual server?

Nope it’s all the same on all servers!

If you have any more questions feel free to ask :)


There is no difference. The best way to XP is to do pattern work though. It is a lot of fun and you will get to higher grades quicker!


Echoing @Plane-Train-TV’s comments above, pattern work is also the best way to practice your take offs and landings. You don’t learn a whole lot doing long hauls all the time. 🙂

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Now that you brought it up, I feel XP earned on the expert sever should be multiplied to encourage more pilots to fly on the expert server. I can’t speak for everyone else, but I personally have no incentive to fly on the expert server because there are less controllers and flyers. Plus, I see a lot of Grade 3+ pilots flying on TS1 and even casual.

I don’t understand!
what do you mean by pattern works?

Perform touch and goes, preferably with GA aircrafts. Landings give a lot of XP.


This is a pattern. You first will take off and if there is ATC, Request to remain in the pattern. After departure, you will be on your upwind stage. Then you will turn crosswind (turn either left or right depending on ATC instruction) and after a couple seconds you can enter downwind. Downwind is when you are going parrell with the runway but going to opposite way. Then you will enter base and eventually enter final and land and take off again


While there may be more controllers on TS, they aren’t IFATC and haven’t been through the training and certification process that is required to control on expert.

Also, there are no material repercussion on training server to strictly enforce proper adherence to ATC instructions (assuming those training server instructions were correct/safe).

Flying a well planned route on the expert server with IFATC controllers at departure and arrival, and executing a real life arrival at an airport with a long sequence of planes being expertly vectored by approach is next to impossible to replicate on TS.

Although it’s the same, i’d Recommend you use the training server, as you won’t have to worry about ghosting while keeping realism with ATC.

Great Tutorial!

Training server ATC and realistic should be in the same sentence LOL


And “right traffic” means all right turns, “left traffic” is left turns.

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XD yea, ES is better for realism

choose an airport with parallel runways, takeoff and land in a rectangular course and make huge XP.

If you correctly follow ATC instructions, you will never get ghosted

I’m pretty sure that they’re not allowed to

Yeah, IFATC aren’t allowed to control on TS.

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Yes, but if you are trying to lv up, you might not want the mental stress that you may lose grades if you make a mistake.