Quick question for the devs

Right so ye know how in 21.1 we get the 747-8 with wing flex and gear tilt, why don’t we get wing flex on the -200 and -400? We already have the gear tilt.

The -400 seems more iconic than the -8 no? More popular anyway.

And is there a way ye could add it before 21.1 is out for everyone?


I can answer this with what’s been said. The -8 has wingflex because of a collaboration they did with National Geographic and their new Air Force 1 documentary. They created a new livery and added wingflex on the -8 for the purpose of the video since the plane was going be displayed on National Geographic’s documentary on the new AF1 plane. Other B747 models were not shown in the video so no further wing flex needed to be added until a rework.


Which i believe can be voted for here

The -400 and -200 are very different from the -8. Wings, engines, etc. are different. Let’s just enjoy the -8 for now and the -400 and -200 will come when it’s ready.

Are they adding the new Air Force 1 livery? That would be sweet!

Highly doubt it. It was made just for the purpose of participating in the documentary.

As seen in beta, no.

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