Quick question for anyone

I’m currently 11 hours and 40 minutes from landing at Perth. I wanted to know if anyone would want to be ATC while I land. It’ll be late and it’s totally ok if not but I’m just throwing this out there. The sever is training btw.

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What time will you be landing? I can try to help you out.

Got it thanks. I’m still learning the ropes of everything.


I’m says 1 am. I’m also central time 😬

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I’ll see if I can help you out. Don’t expect stellar ATC service, though… lol


Haha it’s ok🤣

Where are you currently?

Found you… 10:33 CDT is too late for me :(

Ah no prob. Yea it’s a late flight. Thankfully I have no life and can stay up late😂

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What time zone are you in?

Good luck, the TS is now down.

I’m still flying

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I hope you stay flying, @schyllberg has to restart the service

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Yay I still am. Thank goodness. I got worried.

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What is CDT in Zulu? I dont know my time zones and I would use Zulu in the future as it’s sort of the time used mostly in aviation

GMT - 5. Subtract 5 from the current Zulu time.

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I might just be able to do it if your ete stays the same, also, how fast are you going because you’re 6 hours in with 22hours left on a 17 hour flight

LiveFlight is incorrect. My app says 10 hours and 43 minutes left.

I’ll try to make it to Perth.