Quick Question about What is Global Topic

Continuing the discussion from What is "Global"?: Does Philippe mean that there will be new regions added like a Texas or South Central Region?

I would presume that if it is global, all regions have to be there.

But I mean where you can buy different regions instead of the whole World

Thanks for quoting the ENTIRE thing. And no regions. Global means GLOBAL

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There will be no more regions - it’s the whole world in your hands. You will have to buy a subscription to fly globally. The pricing model is still being discussed, however. Everything you need to know is all written in the global topic.


From reading the article Those who don’t pay for live will still have the regions just that they would most likely be enlarged. Those that do pay (Part of Live subscription) they will get the entire globe.


Sorry! I tried to only quote the litttle bit he said

Where do you get this from? At this point don’t speculate anything.

How many times? Please just stop speculating, it’s getting rather tedious.