Quick question about turbo props

What do you think the chances are of seeing more turbo prop aircraft in IF. It would be a great addition for people like me that love short haul turbo prop aircraft like the Saab or short.
Thanks so very much just thought I would ask people’s opinion on the chances of seeing such aircraft in IF soob

See #features to vote for aircraft, one of our upcoming aircraft is the TBM-930, stay tuned for that in #announcements.


Thanks so very much I will keep up to date with that. The TMB930 is a really beautiful GA

Yeah, its supposedly confirmed. In the FSElite interview jason was flying a prop aircraft as you can see on the iPad screen.

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I am very excited can’t wait for the release thanks so much for every one’s replies I really appreciate it.

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Agreed, a very beautiful bird indeed. I can also agree that we need more GA and TurboProps in the Sim. Hang tight!


I have flown in many types of aircraft and it’s always the turbo props that I remember. I love them so much from the design to the sound of them. Can’t wait to see more in the game oneday

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