Quick question about the crashes


I had a quick question about the increased crash rate. I haven’t had any issues yet, but I had a question about their origins. Based off what I’ve heard, these crashes are mostly server-related, and aren’t an actual app issue. I just wanted to check whether this was a potential memory leak/local error, or just overloaded servers.


Memory leak was fixed I believe this is purely server related :)


Yeah I know that the previous one was fixed, but I was just checking that this was purely server based

It Is an overload of the servers i think. a lot of people are exited about 20.1.

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Yes casual server is at 90% last time I checked so it is very busy.

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It’s mostly overloaded servers, however, as with any update, it’s important to remember that the new features of 20.1 will put an additional load on your device, so it’s possible that some people also need to decrease some of their settings in comparison to what they were in 19.4.


I think that on the update page it said that the crashing problem would be fixed on the 20.1 update

Yeah rightfully so! It’s an awesome update, and I was mostly checking to see whether turning down my settings to “Low” would “fix” or improve it (beyond the normal amount).

My device is quite powerful so it handles the 777 super well at max settings

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5 times crash i have… amazing update!!!

Wow seems like servers are stabilized! Nice job devs, mods, and server techs! This update is awesome.