Quick question about scenery editing

will i be able to choose any airport to edit when i get access to scenery editing?


Yes however when you first get into IFAET you will usually start of with a really small airport, then work your way up.

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What @Butter575 said^^

Also don’t rush it, learn the tools and make sure you have the time to do it as well. I thought i would be a good fit considering i have experience on building things on games but it’s a bit tricky 😅 especially since it’s on mobile!

Best of luck though!

i see. so like there are 3 airports u do want to work on as soon as i get access, ksjc, koak, llbg.

will i get access to those immediately? how do i work my way up?

Do smaller airports first, and then you’ll be ready for the bigger ones.

Chances are you probably won’t get to those as your first airport. You can probably get access to smaller airports in the Bay Area like E16, 1C9 and smaller airports like that

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thanks man!

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