Quick Question about Passing

I am flying across the Atlantic ocean and there is a plane in front of me at the same cruising altitude, just 20 knots slower. Should I just slow down to his speed, or change altitude, or change waypoints?

Changing altitude would be best

make sure no other aircraft is in the same altitude

My opinion: I would change the altitude & the speed.

What should the difference be?

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2,000 above him atleast

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as you are going on the same direction you should be at least 2000ft of difference to him

1000ft of difference is the minimum but that distance is used for planes in the other direction

We are both at 35,000ft. So go to 37k?

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Yes going + 2000ft up or -2000ft down.

37000ft is a good altitude

Make sure your weight allows you to climb to that, because in some planes if you are too heavy you simply wont be able to

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I am at 65%

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Nevermind he got disconnected. Nvm he rejoined

What is the thrust autopilot is currently giving you, and what aircraft are you in?

Airbus A330-300 at 90%.

Don’t climb

Your best bet would be a descent to 33k, but as he left, then no need.

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He rejoined.

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Then a descent would be best

the A330-300 might simply be unable to climb to 37000ft

How far ahead should I be of him to climb back to 35,000?

15nm is a good distance

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Ok. Got it. Thanks for you help.

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Refer to this to know when you can climb to 37000ft