Quick Question About IF

Hey guys,
I was just wondering if you would consider IF (the sim only) a medium or large business. Please let me know in the comments with a reason.

Why would this matter?

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No idea. Not a really relevant question, but if I had to guess I’d say medium.

@Chad_Garnett and @Canadian1337 it’s just a quick question because I’m doing a business studies thing on Infinite Flight and wanted to know. Thanks for letting me know Canadian1337.


I’d consider it a small-medium company. While there are several people who work on the app, there aren’t a whole lot.


Unless you mean who plays it. Then I would consider it a medium/large company.

This question would come down to what you would consider a large business and what you consider a smaller business.

IF LLC would be considered a small or even a micro company in business terms. A small business is one with 50 or less employers and an annual turnover of under £10 million. IF fits under the micro business category of under 10 employees but unsure at to what their revenue is so would say for certain they’re a small business maybe a micro one 🙂


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