Quick question about HRYR

I just realised that in HRYR (Kigali), Departure Procedures are established only for runway 10, and Arrival Procedures are established only for runway 28. In addition to that, it seems like there are Approach Procedures only for runway 28.
It is the same situation in real life. And I would like to know if there was any rule and if yes maybe add a NOTAM to anounce that RWY28 is for Landing ONLY, and RWY10 is for Takeoff ONLY to avoid confusion as the airport is small and requires back taxi on both ends.
Feel free to correct me is I’m wrong!


Wouldn’t the indication of the STAR and Approach procedures being on RW28 be a clear indication that that’s the usual landing RW and by the chance you have to land on the opposite runway wouldn’t it be obvious that a back taxi is required, the same goes with the RW10 SID?

Also, if you’d like this added you should make a feature request about it, if it’s allowed. :)

HRYR just had no other official proceedings in real world:

Therefor it wouldn’t get more in IF.
It is up to every pilot in IF as I. Real world to collect the information needed about his departure and destination airport. IFATC is also advised to do so before operating a airfield.

What you can do is making a topic in #ground-school:community-tutorials like "Your guide to: HRYR "

And with a look at the obstacle chart it gets kinda obvious why:

NOTAMs are temporary additions and changes to regular information. This obstacle is permanent, not a topic for a NOTAM.


You are right. Please note that you should hold short for RWY when an aircraft is in the pattern for RWY 28. Yesterday @Tyler_Shelton was on final for RWY28 and I saw someone back taxiing RWY10 instead of holding short.


Yes and obviously this is very wrong! Poor @Tyler_Shelton

Thank you all for you very precious help!


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