Quick question about Group Flights

Hey, I’m a little confused. Are events for Trust L2 and Group flights for everyone? What I saw was confusing.

Group flights are TL1, events are TL2.


Ok, thanks.

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I think the wrong message is being portrayed. Anyone can join those events but only TL1 and above can make a groupflight and anyone who is TL2 and above can make an event.


I think he is referring to this topic that he had earlier: https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/pittsburgh-group-flight-kpit-2871900zmar20/412195/3

Group flights can only be one flight and one flight only, while you asked for people to sign up for gates to other cities. Events, however, can be like that.

Additionally, #live:groupflights is for flights within 3 hours of the posting time. It is not intended for flights days into the future.

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