Quick question about frequencies

Hell, everyone! How are you all today? Just a quick question and this can be closed. So I’m on my way to Manchester Intl and Birmingham frequency calls me in to go to their frequency. I do and they repeatedly ask me “Say Intentions.” I didn’t know what to do, I’m on the way to Manchester and Birmingham calls me in. What am I supposed to do?

Happy Flights:)

P.S. the controller is DeerCrusher at EGBB

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I assume you are below 18,000 ft?

Yes descending to 16,000

You could ask for flight following to Manchester, that would be the best course of action.

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do you have a flight plan to manchaster or birmingham. idk how close the airports are but maybe hes working approach for both

  1. There was no approach
  2. I was heading to Manchester

Yes, as @Aceorbit mentioned, you may just request flight following to your destination, or check in. Just want to add that you guys shouldn’t be commenting on this thread if you’re unsure of your answer.


He said there was no approach freq. I can see Deer is only open on Ground/Tower/ATIS.

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Ah, in that case then he shouldn’t be on guarded sooo

This is a question for the controller, @DeerCrusher. Please PM him directly.

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