Quick question about directions.

I have been confused about what to tell Unicom/Tower after requesting/announcing departure… What direction to enter (Ex.: departing south)… is it south with respect to the runway or to the map?

I couldn’t find the answer on the forum.

Thank you. :-)

It is with respect to the map.


It’s more with respect to the airport based off of the flight plan you should have created. You could be taking off from a runway that faces north but you would announce “departing to the south”.


Thank you very much @ewanfleming and @DeerCrusher :-)

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It is with respect to the airport, and the map always faces north, so up is north right is east etc


No worries, we’re here to help!

Explaining further to @DeerCrusher correct explanation, and adding logic to it; when you announce takeoff, you announce the runway you are taking off from, hence the initial direction is already known. The ‘direction’ you are giving is where you intend to fly to leave the towers airspace.

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