Quick question about 24 hour violations

Hey there, recently I got 4 speed violations, which had me going down to grade 2, however my real question is; will they time out at 12 am Zulu (or maybe 12am your time) or will they last 24 hours exactly?

exactly 24 hours

and since you have four violations they will expire to the minute in one week so for example if you got four violations 1215Z on 4/5/20 on 4/12/20 at 1215Z they will expire


Really? One week ago I gotten 3 violations in one night and during the day I realised it had reset before 24 hours? I’m just trying to 100% clarify the information since there is an expert server event starting for me in about 6 hours

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go to your logbook and tell me what time you received the violations and what timezone you are in (so with your profile I am assuming GMT+10?)

And in regard to your question you do have violations (24 hours) and violations (7 days) I am not sure if you are aware of that. So exactly 24 hours after the violations are 24 hrs old those will be deducted from the 24 hr category and when your violations are a week old those will be deducted from your 7 day violation category

Yessir, GMT +10

do you get it?

Yeah kinda

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lmk if you have any questions

Sure dude thanks

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Can you send a picture of your grade table - then I can determine exactly when you will be back on ES

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Do you want my logbook, or nah?

@BennyBoy_Alpha do you want my logbook, because it can give you a detailed description on when I’ll get it back

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if you send it over one of us can tell you when you will be back on the expert server

These are about it my dudes

You’ll regain access to expert on April 12th, at the time that you received those 5 violations. :)

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Are you sure I won’t gain it earlier because of my previous 3 violations? They’ll decrease down to 5 and I’ll regain access I thought

Oh wait I see what you mean goddamnit

Ah dang it I signed up for so many events

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