Quick KPHX ground and tower

I’ll be controlling KPHX in training server now if anyone would like to stop by. Have about 45 min til I put my boy down! Don’t see a lot at KPHX.

this is better idea to post and will get more pilots :)

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Thanks! Want to get more active here to apply for IFATC at some point

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yeah ofc man! dm me on discord @ benjithebull and i can send you invite to a server just for that!

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@Jrdrgz123 Welcome to the community!

My biased opinion though, I like your choice of KPHX!

@adit Thanks. I live in Arizona and travel for work often, so I feel like I know Sky Harbor like the back of my hand.

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That’s pretty cool. It was one of my earliest and longest running home airports as well. (I might lean to paying extra to have ATC open there all the time:)

KPHX is a really good airport but another great one that I used in my time with IFATC was KDAL. Everything you need besides intersecting runways but it’s a great airport for practice sessions since it isn’t full of trolls

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