Quick IF assistant price question

What are the prices for Infinite-Flight Assistant?

I know downloading the app is the same price as Infinite Flight

But if I want to have a shaky cockpit and other thing that Infinite Flight Multiplayer uses (which includes GPWS, warnings and co-pilots)
How much will that cost? and is it a one time fee?

Thank you for your support I would really appreciate it!

Hi there! In-Flight Assistant’s thread should help you out, specifically this from the FAQ section:

To answer this question, I believe each purchase is a one-time occurrence per feature set.

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ok thanks!

waiiit what about shaky cockpits?

edit: @DeerCrusher you had to open it then close it lol?

The shaky cockpit comes alongside the co-pilot call outs, which is included in the initial download of the app :)

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ahhhh yay! thats what I wanted the most! thank you!

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Glad I could help :)

Tom had to be a millisecond quicker than me. lol. No joke. 😂