Quick IF-A question about stepclimbs

Hello IFC! I am planning my flight from Perth to London using IF-A to stepclimb. I was wondering if I had to enter an altitude for every waypoint or if I could only enter the altitudes on the waypoints that involved a stepclimb. The other waypoints would just be altitude hold

Has anyone that has done this flight stepclimbed with IF-A? If so, what did you do?

You only have to enter it at waypoints that you want it to change altitudes. But if you enter an altitude at a waypoint, then it will start climbing at the waypoint before.

Thanks! So I can takeoff, go to my initial cruise altitude, then enter the stepclimbs? @Bryce_D

Yep! I do with every long haul.

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You input the altitudes you want to be at the a waypoint for example near YSSY there’s two waypoins called TESAT and SHORE. In IFA the waypoints are shown and there’s a spot to input an altitude. So for example if you’re FL320 at SHORE and plan to climb to FL340 at TESAT you input the altitude you want to be at TESAT which is FL340.

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Thanks so much @Snow_Cone and @Bryce_D! Blue skies and tail winds!


Just be careful, though. If you enter in an altitfude, for example 34000 ft from 32000 ft, and the waypoints are more that 20 minutes apart, the aircraft will reach the altitude before the assigned waypoint, as the autopilot can only go 100 fpm or more. So if you get to a point where the waypoints are really far apart (40 minutes or more) it is best to have the altitude assigned to the next waypoint so that you aren’t short on fuel for climbing too early.

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Got it! Thanks for the tip! Probably would’ve woken up with 15 violations and a stalled airplane

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