Quick Hop From EHAM To EGLC

These are photos of a flight that I just finished up, from Amsterdam Schipol to London City. Flight time was about an hour on the KLM Cityhopper E190. Enjoy!
captions correspond to the photos above them

KLM Cityhopper Embraer 190
Expert Server

Getting fueled up at Schipol

So much KLM

Holding short of runway 06, while @George_Alin rotates, leaving for Manchester

Goodbye Amsterdam

Turning towards England, over the Dutch coast

Turning base for runway 09 at London City

Short final, on the steep approach for EGLC

After a super late, hard, and overweight landing, we’re decelerating

After back taxiing, we see @MishaCamp on the ramp (Hey, that rhymes)

Parked, with a British Airways A318, presumably doing the EGLC-KJFK via EINN route

Quiz Time!

What is KLM’s shortest route?
  • Amsterdam-Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam-Brussels
  • Amsterdam-London City

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I hope you liked the photos! Let me know which was your favorite!


Great photos @Aviation108, keep up the great work!

I really like this photo :)

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Title says EGLC and the arrival airport sure looks like London City. Anyway, great shots

Oh, yeah, that was a mistake. Thanks for letting me know!

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Nice pictures!

For the people who voted KLM’s shortest flight, it can’t be Rotterdam as there are no direct scheduled flights.

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