Quick hop down to Gatwick with a few guests

Yesterday I spawned into Stansted wanting to fly to Las Palma, when I spawned into a high profile flight with mods, staff, IFATC supervisors and @AviatorDan!

@Balloonchaser had spawned in but unfortunately left.

I looked at their FPL and it had Gatwick as the final destination so I hoped into a Ryanair 737 and the rest is to be seen!

Flight details

Ryanair Boeing 737-800NG
Flight time 30-40 minutes

Here we go!

Here we have @MishaCamp departing with me and @DeerCrusher watching.

Misha banking out of Stansted

Me climbing out while Deer turns

Cruising was quite quick so here is Deer and me descending

Deer setting up for the base turn

Banking onto base whilst I prep for landing

Me landing with deer taxing to parking (hope it was up to scratch)

Misha parked up at the gate with Deer taxing behind

That is it! Hope you enjoyed it, make sure to appreciate the mods and staff for all they do in the day to day.

Thanks for letting me tag along Misha, Deer and AV-DAN. Hope you enjoyed it.

Have an amazing day!


Very nice photos, I bet you absolutely crushed the landing. Literally.


Thats awesome!!!


Some very nice shots you have there!


Thank you for some reason your A320 wouldn’t spawn in otherwise I would have gotten it.

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hey! @AviatorDan

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