QUICK GROUP FLIGHT {Starts in 10 minutes}

Sorry that this thread is a bit rushed.

  • Aircraft and Livery: B777-300ER Cathay Pacific (old livery & 2015 livery).

  • Route: VHHH - RCTP (Copy DutchPilot1’s FP)

  • Time of Departure: IN 10 MINUTES

  • Server: Expert Server (might be changed).

  • Additional Information: You will be on my newest YouTube video and have a shoutout if you join!

Please join!

ATC will also be needed!

Not everyone can join, I have done group flights without anyone joining, at this time of day not many people are on, also don’t request ATC as the IFATC follow the timetable .

Any ATC will be fine. Even if it’s you…

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So, can you make it?

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I’m not part of the IFATC and I cannot attend, sorry.

Ok, no problem.

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Please also follow the format @Vinne

You wont be able to get IFATC to a unscheduled airport in 10 minutes notice… but I an logged into VHHH on TS right now.

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I did… it was automatically in the right format!

Great @Jomo_Kenyatta! So, wanna flyntogether? Spawn next to me pls

@Vinne opps, should have mentioned I am doing ATC on TS @ VHHH

This is unfortunately not the correct format.

Phew, now I can type normally without rushing.

Thanks for the 3 planes and 1 escort who managed to make it! There’s a plane with the callsign Qantas 94. Is that you @Qantas094?


No it’s not, its a copy cat.

Please make sure your title is in the correct format in future


Ok, sorry about that @KaiM. Closing this thread now…

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