Quick flight. KEYW-KMIA

A nice quick scenic flight from Key West to Miami.

At the gate (KEYW)

Takeoff from RW 9


Arrival on RW 9

At the gate (KMIA)


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Hey thanks. I just realized that. I’ll be more careful. Thanks for the reminder!

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No problem, then.

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Love 🔑 ⬅️! Great shots.


Adding on to what @amaryahjohnson1996 said, you also cannot have the user interface showing in any pictures - you only have to fix the last one in this case.

Beyond that, nice pictures!


Hey. Just saw that as well. Im still new and I’m wondering why you cant have the user interface?

I’m not entirely sure, it might have something to do with keeping the pictures all to a certain standard. All I know is that rules are rules, and I can’t really argue with them.

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I guess so. Thanks anyway

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Very nice!!

Thank you!