Quick Flight from MMTG-MMMX with some IFATC

Had a very nice flight from MMTG to MMMX with a few IFATC: @Ethan_Hansen, @DeerCrusher, @Darius_Glover, @BluePanda900, @CaptSnilloc, @Neeson52, @Jbarbs, @Capt_Evan.

Here’s my best shots via the amazing replay feature!


Nice shots, fixed your title a bit so it made sense :)

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Had the wrong ICAO in the description, fixed it again, thank you! :)


I also took photos thanks to replay. Indeed a very nice flight organised by Ethan and nice ATC service on arrival by our fellow IFATC @Plane-Train-TV and @Declan_O.



@DeerCrusher had a hard landing, nearly crashed. Mine was absolute BUTTER 😜😜

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Really? Let us see the replay 😂😜

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No need to 😜🤫🤫

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Nice photos! The last one’s especially nice.

Liar. Like André said, need to see that replay. 😂



Uh oh. You’ve gotta do it now. Things like these make you wish live replay wasn’t implemented lol! Happened to a friend of mine yesterday.

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Give me a minute or two and I’ll get you guys a link to the replay with a time stamp of everyone’s landings. 😂 Blackmailing pilots with replays. RIP.

Click on this link with your Infinite Flight device. It should take you to import it to IF.

@Darius_Glover’s landing approach is at 01:28:00

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It just tells me unsupported file type lol. Let me keep trying. Happy birthday by the way!

I got it! I just had to move the file to IF. Is there a way I can switch to pilot view? It shows ATC.