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Hey IFC! I am trying to find out what gates the following IRL flights are planning to use, but I cannot find it anywhere. Can you guys help me? Below are the links to the flights.

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Using FlightRadar24 would help you get a visual reference, if you need an exact gate number, you can use each respective airport website. Usually they have a flight status tracker that gives you information on gates. In this case, BA53 did not have more info other than Terminal 5 so I just checked FR24’s past flights, most recent flight left 535.

BA285 uses gate 518 at LHR and A12 at SFO.
BA53 uses gate 535 at LHR and S12 at SEA.

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honestly I just look at the replay on Flightradar24 and most of the time you can follow it to the gate, look at where it’s at on satellite, and match that to the spots in IF.

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