Quick favor

Hey everyone! Can you guys do a quick favor for me?

I needed a quick screenshot, and wanted to ask if anyone could spawn at KDEN on TS1, in an a318 with ACJ livery 2, gates Remote Apron D52 through D56. Thanks!

On my way to D52 in A318CJ Livery 2.

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Can you make that ACJ Livery 2, thanks!

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Thanks guys! Got the shots!

What is up with the negativity? The man just needs quick help from the community, that is what we are right? A community? we are together and here to help eachother out with the two things we love


Infinite Flight

Hope you understand.


No problem! Glad to be of assisstance. :)

Iā€™m there how long do I have to stay?

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