Quick Event poll

Please select one

Type of event:

  • Fly in
  • Fly out
  • One route
  • Multiple airports to fly between.

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Airports: (select up to 3)

  • LFPN
  • YSSY
  • WSSS
  • LEMD
  • ODMB
  • KATL
  • FMEE

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(If you have any to add to 2nd poll please comment and I can add them)

Thanks and I hope to see you there

We both made a similar post at the same time.
Thats not something you see everyday.

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@Everything_Matthew want to collaborate and do one together?

Hmm. Do you have a discord?

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Yes, I’m a gamer why wouldn’t I

Oh ok yeah I guess.
DM me your tag.

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