Quick EDDL Spotting Edits

Yesterday i was spotting at Düsseldorf Airport (EDDL) and now i looked through all my shots and picked two Aircrafts out of them to do quick edits on them.

Here they are:

Condor A321 D-AIAD the most controversial Livery currently. (In my Opinion one of the coolest and unice ones at the Airports now)

Take off Panning

On the Way to the Runway

And the Emirates A380 in its special Livery Year of the Fiftieth

Take Off



Nice photos I really like the emirates I don’t like condors new livery though

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Yeah not everyone likes it we will se how it turns out in a year how many will the still be on the side of not liking it. Little fun fact about the Emirates A380 its my second Emirates A380 i ever spotted since i started my Spotting 2 years ago 😅

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Lovely photos and I gotta say… I need more practice with panning to get shots as good as these.

TBH, I do really like the new condor livery


Condor’s one still needs to grow on me. And as much as I don’t like it at the moment, the yellow variant is and probably will stay my favourite.

As for the A380. Well, how can you go wrong with some A380 action? Seriously…

Still cannot for the life of me get good panning shots…

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I really am starting to like condors new livery. The yellow one and blue one is nice, I still don’t know how I feel about the green and red one.

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Yeah A380 action always is nice. About Panning for me its kinda normal already. Mostly if i get an Livery for the first time i avoid doing them because it can always go wrong. But here i thought lets try it as i got it in good loght while taxi

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The Condor livery looks so beautiful 🤩
Also, interesting to find out that emirates operates the A380 Dusseldorf.

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Condor livery is so nice! It’s really unique, especially in this day and age when airline liveries are becoming quite boring, so to speak. It’s definitely grown on me!


Emireats has service to Düsseldorf with its A380 since years 2 floghts daily befor Covid now its 1 A380 at noon and 1 B777 in the evening

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