Quick ATC Schedule Question

The ATC is currently controlling for Sunday and has been since 0600Z? It is currently 0919Z. Correct me if I’m wrong, I just need to get my head around this schedule as it can confuse me :).

Hi, don’t quite get what you think is wrong, but this Saturday is IFATC at home day and I haven’t seen any airports that should have been opened on Friday and Sunday opened yet

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Okay thanks. I was confused and trying to clarify my understanding. Sorry about the confusion. When should sundays schedule begin?

Tomorrow 0600z 2020-12-27T06:00:00Z

edit: Sorry I used Chinese lol


And now it makes sense. Thanks for that.

Most of the confusion was based on the fact that my Melbourne is in front of UTC time


Haha. Time zones are confusing. All the times on the schedule are in Zulu time :)