Quick Airspace Question

I don’t know if I’m asking this in the right place but here we go anyway. For the time minima fo airports, like how Charlies/Deltas is 30 min and Bravo 1 hour, is that based on what the sim says it is or what the airport is in real life (at least in the US)? Ex: Like KLGA is a C in the sim but a B in real life or how KJAX is a B in the sim but a C in real life. Which do I base it off of?

Again sorry if this is the wrong place.

I’m assuming you’re asking for minimum controlling times in IFATC. We go based on the app. Eventually, the airspaces may be corrected. I’m not sure

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Ok. Yeah that’s what I was asking about. I just wasn’t totally sure which I should look at since LGA is a class B in real life but class C in the app. And how JAX or a lot of other Class Cs are considered Class Bs. But that’s what I’ve been doing going based on the ones in the app.

But thanks for the quick response and clarification for the my question.

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If you have any questions in the future, it might be quicker to just ask your question in the IFATC Discord Server as people are frequently chatting there.

Yeah I just wasn’t totally sure where in there I should

The discussion channel should work just fine :)

I mean it’s not a bad thing that they asked here. Future controllers could benefit from this and messages in the server get covered up fast. Not really a huge issue


Never said it was an issue. I just provided a recommendation.

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