Quick afternoon spotting at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Today, I went for a bit to the Airport after work to spot a little. I initially intended to stay later, but family called me for dinner (I dislike being interrupted while spotting), but food is food, and I was hungry.
I hope you like today’s pictures

The usual first picture of the Terminal, with the tower in the background. Southwest Gates are empty.

Southwest 737-700 [N425LV] taxis to the gate after coming in from Baltimore

Another Southwest 737-700 [N927WN] taxiing to the Gate, arriving from Tampa

A Wiggins Beech 99 [N195WA] taxiing to the Wiggins Ramp arriving from Hyannis, MA

Mesa Airlines (dba United Express) CRJ700 [N503MJ] Taxis to the gate after landing from Washington-Dulles

A Small prop (not sure of the make) crosses in front of the incoming UPS 767-300F in the distance

This private prop plane landed in front of the UPS 767. It taxi’d for a bit down the runway before turning off as the UPS B763F approached the final. Was worried that the UPS 767 would make a go around, but luckily it didn’t

The final picture, a UPS 763F [N340UP] taxis off the runway to the UPS stand after landing from Louisville, KY.

Thanks for viewing, hope you liked the pictures!


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