In solo you’re able to spawn on approach.

you mean short final?

No, a full approach.

image image

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Where you spawn is called a short final as you are about 8-10 miles from the runway.

To answer the OP question, yes you can get a monthly Subscription for about $10 so that you can explore Infinite Flight. For that you will get all the aircraft and the whole world which you can fly either in solo mode or on one of the three servers where you can interact with other pilots or on Training or Expert server interact with ATC as well.

Good luck and hope that you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I’m not 100% on this but pretty confident, so if anyone wants to comment on/correct this, please do -

If you buy your subscription using your Apple ID, it won’t work on an andoroid device - so you’ll only be able to play on the Apple device.

Not sure about what happens if you buy the subscription through the android device, but you may still be able to use it on both Apple and Android.

I’d recommend further guidance on this before deciding which device to buy your subscription with.

i can confirm if you buy your subscription using your google account on android you WILL be able to login to IF on your apple device using the same google account and the subscription will be there.


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Check if your devices will work with IF in this thread:

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You will keep your account across all devices as long as you use the same sign-in, but you’ll have to pay for the actual game again. (The €5.49)

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Also you can’t use your account at the same time on both devices

You need buy infinite flight app separately on both android and iOS. Then you can use one subscription across by logging with same username and passwords (linked google, Facebook credential)


Welcome to the community. Just like @GatwickGuy mentioned above, you’ll have to purchase the app itself on both the devices if you want, but if you buy a subscription linked with your google account you will be able to access your active subscription on other devices too.

I called it a full approach as it’s around 10nm from the airport and I just didn’t want it to get confused with


You will NOT regret the purchase. I guarantee it!!!

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I don’t remember which I purchased first. I have iOS and Android under the same account. I can log in on either one I want. Not sure if I can do two different flights at the same time though.

Yes that’s still classified as a short final. A full approach starts about 100nm from the airport as you enter the STAR. ;-)

How do I spawn on short final? if I click short final on the menu, it spawns me at like 100ft out from the runway.

On the map where you spawn at gates, there should be an area you can spawn before the runway threshold, though this can only be accessed in solo.

He was talking about XPlane11 earlier and he said that he liked spawning on approach, so I was just comparing the 10NM final to how you can spawn on the end of the ILS localizer. I also didn’t want it to get confused with the other short final.

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