Hi there! I’ve not yet purchased the app, was looking for some clarification before I purchase…

My first question, is after I purchase the game, for $6.99. And the monthly sub for $10 something. Do I have unlimited access to everything? All plans all liverys?

My second is, I have a Apple IPhone, but I also have an android tablet… will my account/subscription, be accessible on both devices?? Do I just sign in with username?

Thanks in advance for any insight!!!


The initial purchase is 6.99 and the subscription is 79.99 a year. If you love flying this a great app!
When you purchase the subscription, you have unlimited access around the entire globe and access to every livery and plane in infinite flight. Also, your subscription passes over in any device that you log into. Happy Flying!


Welcome aboard captain!

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Is there a monthly sub rather than yearly? Or a trial? Looking to see how this compares and if I’m motivated enough by its quality to play often.

Oh also, am I able to spawn on an ILS approach? I’m not much into long haul and very much enjoy X-plane 10 for that reason. I spawn on ILS or Final and land

Welcome to the community! By buying the subscription, you also have access to online multiplayer. You’ll start out on the casual server, but once you gain certain requirements (that are easy and fast to earn), you’ll be able to play on different servers that will have ATC.

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Sadly there is no trial:(. There is a monthly yes but it is more expensive because it adds up.

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Which is why that if you plan for long term use, it’s more worth it to get the 1 year.


no you can’t spawn on an ILS approach, in online mode you can only spawn at gate, while in solo you can spawn at gate or on runway,.

In solo you’re able to spawn on approach.

you mean short final?

No, a full approach.

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Where you spawn is called a short final as you are about 8-10 miles from the runway.

To answer the OP question, yes you can get a monthly Subscription for about $10 so that you can explore Infinite Flight. For that you will get all the aircraft and the whole world which you can fly either in solo mode or on one of the three servers where you can interact with other pilots or on Training or Expert server interact with ATC as well.

Good luck and hope that you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I’m not 100% on this but pretty confident, so if anyone wants to comment on/correct this, please do -

If you buy your subscription using your Apple ID, it won’t work on an andoroid device - so you’ll only be able to play on the Apple device.

Not sure about what happens if you buy the subscription through the android device, but you may still be able to use it on both Apple and Android.

I’d recommend further guidance on this before deciding which device to buy your subscription with.

i can confirm if you buy your subscription using your google account on android you WILL be able to login to IF on your apple device using the same google account and the subscription will be there.


Welcome to the community!
Check if your devices will work with IF in this thread:

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You will keep your account across all devices as long as you use the same sign-in, but you’ll have to pay for the actual game again. (The €5.49)

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Also you can’t use your account at the same time on both devices

You need buy infinite flight app separately on both android and iOS. Then you can use one subscription across by logging with same username and passwords (linked google, Facebook credential)


Welcome to the community. Just like @GatwickGuy mentioned above, you’ll have to purchase the app itself on both the devices if you want, but if you buy a subscription linked with your google account you will be able to access your active subscription on other devices too.