Questions Regarding Monthly IF Pro

Hey there,
I just wanted to ask 3 questions about this.

  1. If you pay for Monthly, does it automatically renew or do you have to go and buy it again?
  2. If you have to buy it again, in the time you don’t buy it does your stats get refreshed?
  3. If you have to buy it again, in the time you don’t buy it do your planes get reset?


  1. Yes, but you can turn auto-renewal off.
  2. No, however your ‘landing count in 90 days’ stat will suffer because you aren’t landing.
  3. If you get them with a Pro subscription, yes. If you bought them separetly, no.

#1. Yes it does renew, and you can stop the subscription if you want
#3. There are no stats for airplanes, only your profile
I can’t really answer 2 because i’m not sure but I hope these other 2 were :)

Yes, it does, unless you cancel it

I think your stats are saved to your google or facebook account depending on which one you have

If you dont have a pro subscription you will lose all planes you have not yet purchased.

I am not 100% sure if im correct on alll of these but I’m fairly sure I am. Happy flying!

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  1. Yes it auto - renews. You can turn it off in settings.
  2. Your stats will remain the same as long as your subscription is on the same account.
  3. As long as you have a subscription, you will have all available aircraft in Infinite Flight. In the time being you do not have a subscription, you will only have the planes you bought and the planes that are free to download.

Wow! 4 replies basically saying the exact same things… 😒