Questions regarding ATC

I have a question:
Let’s say there are 3 Aircrafts in the Pattern right now.
Every Aircraft was sequenced.
But then a 4th Aircraft comes into the TWR Airspace, so now I also have to sequence him. So do I have to sequence each aircraft again because instead of e.g nr.2 they’re nr.3 because of the new aircraft. So do I need to sequence each aircraft again? Or how is this done?

Yes, you need to resequecne the aircraft that the new one “cut” in front of. However, you don’t need to give new clearance for the option if you already gave one

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So if there are 4 aircrafts behinf the aircraft that cut them off i need to resequence those 4 aircraft?


You’ll only need to re-sequence the aircraft that is following the new aircraft;

The remainder three aircraft that are behind the first aircraft should still be following the original aircraft they were provided a sequence for.

Ah okay, so let’s say AC3 was nr.3 (sequence) (and already cleared for the option (nr3), then got cut off by AC2 I only need to resequence AC3 and not say AC3 nr. 4 c,eared for the option?

Im sorry I know it’s very confusing

Yep, you just need to re-sequence the aircraft behind the new aircraft.

No new clearance is needed, only a sequence.

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But then there are 2 Aircrafts behind the new one that now are sequenced with nr.2?

That doesn’t matter, those aircraft are still following the same aircraft, just a different place in the line, so they don’t need to be sequenced (think of a sequence as a follow this aircraft rather then a number in the line)

Okay so AC3 was originally nr. 2 and to follow AC1 on final
Now AC2 cuts in. So the only thing I have to say is AC3 nr 3. Traffic to follow is for e.g on left base (which is AC2) the rest of the AC‘s (AC4/5) are just following AC3 and I don’t need to tell them anything new right?

It would be nice if you guys could join me at 1400Z @KBOI and to see how I am doing right now

If this is your practical, then leave it up to the professional testers 🙂

Trust me you want less pilots than more to start with IFATC. :)

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Please don’t do that.

What should I do then?

Just open the airport for your practical, the recruiter will handle getting the pilots. There’s a select few testers in the team that are allowed to participate, we can’t have random pilots coming into the test.

It’s not my practial Test

I just need practice. Only watching the tutorials is only half of what I need

I already opened a thread. But no one showed up. That’s why I’m asking here

Ahhh ok. Make an ATC Tracking thread in the #atc category, you can get pilots that way easier. If you take your theory test and get above an 65%, plus if you meet the other requirements, you could receive training from a trainer.

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Okay thanks. So just to clarify i don’t want to take the practical test yet at 1400Z @KBOI. I just wanted to get some pilots who know the rules to see where I am at and give me some tips. So I hope that people show up but not thinking I want to take the test right now