Questions regarding ATC

And just like that I’m trust level 1

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You can make it regardless of your TL

I can’t put an exact date on that;
It’s really up to how much effort, motivation & commitment you put into your recruitment process! Additionally, recruiter availability is another key factor :)

You’ll be there in no time though if you put all you’ve got into it!

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Okay that sounds right

Ah wow that’s nice and exactly what I’ve been looking for

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Ah okay 👍🏻

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Adding on more info, I’ll add a bunch of links to help you over time:

Of course, your trust level has to rise, which it will easily and naturally do over a short period of time.

First thing is to create an ATC Tracking Thread. This will get many users publicly on the forum to come to an airport you choose, and review your controlling skills. Be aware that sometime no one will show up.

You would then once confident want to contact a recruiter, found in this topic.

They’ll assign you a written test, and you can either pass, or most like first time, not make it. The first time gives you a great idea of what to expect on both tests. So in other words, don’t be suprised at all if you don’t pass the written the first time.

You’ll then have a practical test which is on the training server, where about 5 will test your Ground and Tower skills. Radar comes later by your choice…

If you feel you need more training after you’ve contacted a recruiter, i.e in the training process, you can request for ATC Training. This gives you a much more in depth, more highly skilled training session.

If you make it, great! If not, then there’s always another try. When I was IFATC I didn’t, ake it first try, and had to wait a whole period until I could take the test again. I passed first time on the comeback though :)

Also apologies for repeating multiple things, some were here before typing, and some wasn’t. Just thought I’d bundle it up with some info.


That’s no problem. I appreciate taking the time for me.

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I wish you luck in your process in becoming IFATC!

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Thank you that means a lot to me

Just a quick question
I’ve contacted Julius the German recruit.
I’ve given him my stats and everything.
What’s the next thing that’s gonna happen?

The recruiter should confirm that you are liable, you need to be TL1, where you are currently TL0. This will only take a day or two maximum to achieve, but just being on the forum for a short while. I don’t know your details, keep them private to you and the recruiter, but after the above, the recruiter should give you a link to the written test, which is just an online test they’ll see the results of. Each separate retry of the written test mixes up the questions, just you won’t always get the same question. FYI if you were thinking it was a stand alone one with the same questions.

Okay thanks

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Just some quick questions

  1. I was doing some touch and goes at an airport.
    I said remaining in the pattern
    The twr said after t/o make left traffic.
    So now is he giving me more pattern instructions or do I
    Always have to tell the twr I’m inbound?

Like after the 2nd time I was not sure if he’s giving me more pattern instructions and I just have to waitnor if I have to tell him every time I’m doing a 2/3rd Touch and go that I’m inbound?

That is correct. He’s giving you instructions for your pattern. 'Left Traffic" means you’re turning left after takeoff and entering left downing for your patten. I suggest taking a look at the #tutorials section because in order to be IFATC, you need to know your basic aviation terminology.

Just follow his instructions.

No, you do not report inbound.

So saying make traffic automatically means I can turn left downwind?
And he’s giving me further instructions such as to follow an aircraft on final?

Yep. If you’re not #1, he’ll tell you who to follow and where that aircraft is. If you are #1, you’ll receive a clearance for the option.

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Somebody wanna join me at KLSV?