Questions regarding ATC/and Flying in IF Part 2

Due to the closure of my previous topic regarding some questions on ATC, I openend a new one!
Here are the questions:

  1. When tuning in from Approach to Tower, should I Report Position or Announce Inbound?

  2. Should the Main Batterry (on aircraft fitted with it) stay On during the flight?

  3. What is a good climbing speed for a Medium Haul Aircraft (A320 fam and 737 fam)?

  4. Today in Geneva, Approach told me to be at speed at or above 210 kts but when told to stay at 4000ft until localizer I wasn’t told that I had my speed at discretion (I don’t know whether its clea ror not) so I decided by myself to slow down. Was that wrong ???

And by the way how do I put two categories in for one topic as this one is both support and ATC

Thank you for your help!


  1. Announce inbound on whatever you are cleared for by approach (ILS, GPS, visual)
  2. Yes
  3. 280-293kts M.78
  4. Once you leave their frequency you are safe to slow. They probably should have told you though depending on separation.
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Sorry for number 3 I meant Vertical Speed my bad
And thank you so much!!!

I’ll answer this one in more detail. When cleared for an approach, it then discontinues you speed restriction. Once cleared, you are then assumed speed at your discretion. If the controller tells you after the clearance a speed command, then follow that.

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Okay! Way clearer now thank you!!!

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Depends on the time of flight for vs. I accelerate to 250kts first, unless the SID restricts it IRL. Then I pitch for speed. Usually I aim for 3000fpm to start, but will have to decrease pitch as I climb. Yesterday, I started with 3000fpm, but at FL300, I was only getting around 800 FPM.

Biggest thing is making sure your engines can power your lift. If I am exceeding 93% N1, I decrease pitch to get below that. Just a personal goal.


To add on to Aviation reports, generally N1/rpms is more important than the vertical speed itself. Adjust your v speed to get around 87% n1. As My CFI always says, “Pitch plus power equals perfection”.


Ok thank you for the tip!

Ok thanks!

Well thank you both! Really helps me out!
Have a great evening!

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