Questions on live plus

I am intending on buying live plus tomorrow for Christmas however, I have a couple of questions. One being can I buy and use live plus if I have family sharing? Then the other question is how do you actually buy live If I receive a App Store voucher?

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I have my account used on my phone and iPad but you can’t fly at the same time on both devises.

Hi! Welcome to the community!!

Family Sharing isn’t supported with IF.
There are several topics in which that is addressed.

Please use the search option in the top right corner to find all the information you could think off.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask. :)


Firstly I see you are new , so welcome to the IF community (IFC).

Make sure you have more then enough money on your gift card as I believe users in the past have had issues with not having enough money due to the tax and other fees associated with purchasing it on the App Store.

Merry Christmas and hope to see you join the Live + club soon.

Okay thanks guys!

I’ll just leave the family sharing and merry christmas to you all

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