Questions from a New Grade 3

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Hello everyone. I recently achieved Grade 3 within Infinite Flight. Knowing the professionalism and enforcement of the expert server, I have a few questions.

  1. I often fly overnight long-hauls. I use IF Assistant to step climb. How likely am I to run into trouble based on the rule of always being present at the device when not cruising?

  2. What levels of professionalism should I expect from the expert server? How closely does the expert server adhere to real-world protocols? This is particularly important for me after experiencing the chaos on the training server.

  3. I have read that simply following ATC directions will keep me out of trouble. I also do my best to follow SIDs, STARs, and real-world charts, along with constant reference to the ATC manual. What is the risk of receiving violations?

Please redirect me to previous topics if any of these questions have been answered before. Thank you in advance for your help!

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If you’re away from your device, atc won’t bother you,

Try practice realism on the training server to help you get accustomed.

You have to be prepared to deviate from your flight plan.

To add to this, IFATC tries its best to be as realistic as possible

I do also suggest you read the Manual here, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask,

Welcome to Grade 3!

Extremely unlikely. Center is already rare, your chance of being near anyone while on center is low, the chance you actually hit anyone while on center is essentially zero, and most centers probably won’t report even if all of the previous conditions are met. If you manage to get a report from center while step climbing with IFA I will be very impressed.

Unfortunately, not that high. I’d like to think most people are good-willing and not actively trolling, but there will be times where you think people are actively trolling because they’re so clueless. However, most people still try their best and it is way better than training. If you fly into the major hub, you are more likely to see bad behavior. People outside the main hubs tend to be somewhat well behaved.

It’s low. If you’re good at following ATC instructions you generally will never put yourself in a difficult spot. Sometimes IFATC will use unrealistic procedures (ie using JFK 13L as a straight-in) for traffic reasons, so if you try to do the Parkway Visual you’ll probably catch a violation, but doing so would mean you’re not following instructions. Bottom line is, if you follow instructions, you’ll be fine. I’ve been flying since 2017 and I don’t have a single ATC-issued violation.


Firstly, congratulations on reaching Grade 3 and welcome to the Expert Server!

To answer your questions:

Step climbing using In-Flight Assistant is perfectly acceptable and your aircraft status will still be shown as “away” if you enter any active center airspaces. If you are showing as “away”, center controllers are instructed to treat any separation busts as unintentional and will not report you.

Expert Server is the most realistic server out of the available servers hence the name “Expert”. You should expect that most real world procedures are followed, but it’s important to note that IFATC controllers are trained to use all available runways as most of the time, traffic levels at a specific airport are higher than those experienced in the real-world. Therefore the use of real-world procedures would drastically decrease the user experience and nobody wants to be sitting around waiting on a taxiway if a controller is only using one runway for departures, for example.

The risk of receiving violations is very low as long as you follow all ATC instructions provided to you and don’t fly in excess of the maximum operating speed for each aircraft which is represented by the red line on the HUD during cruise. As always as well, avoiding taxiing more than 35ks and not exceeding 250kts below 10,000ft will keep you out of trouble as well. Always remember that ATC instructions and vectors overrule your filed FPL.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Hope this helped answer some of the questions that you asked above. Take care!

Thank you everyone for your help! I’ll do my best when I work up the courage to join.

I like this advice for practice in following ATC instructions. Even though the standards are not as high, just pretend you are on expert while on training server at an airport with active ATC. Practice taking your time and following instructions.

After some such sessions it’s quite natural to switch to actual expert and do the same. Your “muscle memory” carries over. And as far as following all the speeds, you’ve already been practicing that as well on training.

I forgot to mention this: Out of pure curiosity, how much “realism” is appreciated or enforced? I’m not referring to realism in terms of strictly following real-world procedures, but rather flying appropriate aircraft and using callsigns equivalent to real-world operations. Here are a few examples:

  1. Flying a United plane into KEWR instead of KJFK.
  2. When an airline’s livery and callsign is unavailable in-game, flying a generic livery aircraft with a general aviation callsign (To illustrate, simulating a ZIPAIR flight with a generic 787-8 livery and a generic aviation callsign that matches one of their aircraft).

My apologizes if this comes off as confusing!

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Wrong. However, to combat this, send a dm to the atc user explaining that you’ll be incognito BEFORE stepping away

There’s an “away” Mode so if the sim detects your device has been idle for two minutes, atc won’t bother as explained by @Declan.

not on iPhone, also i think it’s better to just send a simple message to atc

I wonder if IF-A’s automatic climbing counts as an input according to the game, meaning I won’t be marked as away.

Would that mean center would try to contact me in those moments, and see I’m not responding?

Anyhow, I fly all on iPad anyway.

You sure about this? I thought it automatically turned on to Away when you did not touch the device for a few minutes. Cause that would mean it works different to iPad which definitely does it

We don’t enforce it, at all. Even if you fly a Ryanair to KLAX.

Where did you learn this? We can see if any aircraft are away in our controlling tab. If you are we will assume any collisions were not intended. Of course, while climbing or descending it’s not recommended to be away from your device.

Tell that to the ATC guy that gave me a level 2 for “close proximity”. But if this is true, than I guess it was an unfortunate 1 time thing

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Definitely should have contacted @appeals

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this was before i knew appeals so… would’ve but didn’t

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Fair enough

I don’t think Ryanair pilot’s are smart enough to cross the pond yet alone attempt a 10 hr flight lol lol

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