Questions for RW pilots.

Hi all!

The Infinite Flight Community has many real world pilots who are an active part of the community, but there are High School students, such as myself, who aspire to be a pilot.

If you are a real world pilot (commercial if possible), please kindly answer these questions.

1) What made you pursue a career as a pilot.

2) At what age did you fly an aircraft for the first time?

3) At what age did you fly an aircraft for an airline for the first time?

4) Is your pay rate acceptable? (Feel free to ignore this question)

5) Do you enjoy your job?

6) Does your job ever feel the same every day?

7) What subjects did you take in high-school?

8) Did your subject choices affect you when you were finding a job as a pilot in the airline industry?

9) In your opinion, do high school subjects really matter for a career in aviation?

10) Do you have to be at maths to pursue a job in commercial aviation?

11) Is a physics and/or chemistry high school diploma a requirement to become a pilot for many airlines?

12) What is the best advice you could give a high-school student who wishes to become a pilot?

Thank you in advance!

You can continue and ask the questions here:

I can only answer for Europe, you can shoot me a dm if you’re interested

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