Questions for Nichalas Petranek IFN interview

Anything you ever wanted to ask Mr. Nichalas Petranek? Well here’s your chance! Post your questions below to have a chance at them being answered in an Infinite Flight News Article! Questions are open to all until Friday at 2200Z (2pm PST).

Quick facts about Nichalas:

Aviation and IF Tidbits:

  • Favourite Aircraft: 747, wishes to own a customised 747-8 BBJ in the future
  • He is a deputy president in BAVA, and he has been a part of the VA for a year
  • Despite his love for aviation, he has only flown for leisure the 3 times in the last 10 years and he has never been outside the US for the same reason.

Personal Life:

  • “I’m one of the most valuable friends you’ll ever have because I would want my friends to be the same towards me” - Nichalas Petranek
  • He holds a lot of surprising and unconventional views about the world. He tends to think quite differently than the average joe which has landed him in trouble a couple of times.
  • He loves dogs and his favourite breed is a Pitbull/Terrier

Fun Facts:

  • “Despite identifying as a part of the LGBTQ community (yes, I’m gay for those that didn’t know), I struggle to understand a few aspects related to it.” - Nichalas Petranek
  • He is currently in the reserves in the United States Marine Corps as a radio operator
  • He is fluent in two languages: Spanish and English

Thanks and ask away!
Special thanks to @Nichalas_Petranek for doing this interview!


Well for starters… what drew you into aviation?


What drew you to BAVA in the first place?


¿Por qué decidiste aprender español?

  1. What is the worst pet peeve you have? (Don’t tell me that you have no idea what that is)
  2. What are your hobbies?
  3. If you had one wish, what would you want? (besides more wishes and more genies)

How did you get into Infinite Flight?


What are some of your “unconventional views”?


What would happen if Pinocchio said,“My nose will grow.”?


Well I suppose it would stay as is for being honest


If it stayed, then it wouldn’t grow, which means he lied, which means it would grow, which means he told the truth, which means it would grow, which means he lied, which means my brain is going to explode soon.


I’ll expand on this in the interview but it all started with J Fleming

What are some of the challenges being a reserve in the Marine Corps?

What are you most proud of in BAVA?

In 2018, do you have any goals or aspirations for BAVA?


Is Airframe maintenance more critical than powerplant maintenance? Or is it the other way around? Or do they go hand in hand? Because an aircraft Airframe without a powerplant is basically a gigantic airplane model.

Is their anything you regret doing in BAVA. Or anything you’d do differently?


I suppose they’re equally as important. On one hand you want the airframe to stay intact during flight while on the other hand you need the bird to actually be able to go places.

Who is @Nichalas_Petranek might I ask?

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Only the bestest, most awesomest person on the community! Second only to @MishaCamp.


Lol. Well, we’ll see about that ;). Whatever floats your boat :) Heres my question:

Which VA are you more loyal to not as a VA but also respect as a former member of it?

I’m not sure I understand the question clearly. Can you rephrase it?

Which VA I don’t want to say loyal but which VA do you believe is to strive more in business while your remainder of your time there?