Questions For IFATC

So I was flying into NZWN and when I was told to switch and contact Tower I had called inbound ILS rnw 34 and IFATC asked for intentions so I just repeated my last transmission and IFATC said to learn abt how to communicate with ATC (I forgot the actual transmission) and I seriously don’t know what I did wrong
The controller was @fesa84
Please I don’t know what I did wrong and I’m here to learn

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You could contact the controller directly and ask what the situation was. That would be a good start. Otherwise someone could take a look at your replay.


Like @RickG Said, the best thing to do in this situation would be to contact the controller as it’s hard to give advice without knowing the entire situation. However, I will say one common mistake I see a lot is people calling in bound on the ILS when they are not actually on the ILS. Maybe this was the issue ? Otherwise, I would contact the controller. Hope this helps!

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