Questions for C172

I have a few questions for the C172…

  • What is “TANK BOTH” what does it do and when do you use it?
  • Which Ignition do I start in what order and when do you use it?
  • What is the “ANNC BRIGHT” and when do you use it?
  • What is the mixture and when do you use it?

Sorry about all of these questions, I am new to the C172. :)

Safe Flying. :)



Means that the fuel is being equally drawn from both fuel tanks.

Mixture regulates the air to fuel ratio. I rich mixture sends more fuel than air to the combustion chamber of the engine and a lean ration sends more air than fuel.

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That’s the annunciator panel. It controls the brightness of the lights in the cockpit

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Mixture controls how much fuel goes into the engine. Typically when climbing, taking off, and sometimes landing I think it should be at 100 percent. When taxiing it should be around 75 percent.


Thank you. :)

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Thank you soo much. :)

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Thank you. <3

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No problem. Chances are the info given here may end up benefiting you if you want to fly a 172 irl.


You set the ignition to “start” and then when the engine fires up, you use “both,” for the whole flight.
The only reason you’d use L or R alone is if you want to do a check of the magnetos or if one particular magneto fails (this is an IRL situation, IF doesn’t support failures yet)


When it comes to mixture, if you want to get as close as you can to IRL procedures, you can lean it slightly for taxiing. Then for takeoff, set it at full rich. And above 3000’ AGL, lean it out a little bit for maximum RPM, and as you go higher, keep leaning it out (not so much though that your engine cuts off!)

For descent and landing, use a full rich mixture. And for turning the engine off all you have to do is set the throttle to idle and lean the mixture out all the way back and the engine will shut down. Then turn the ignition off.

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Mixture, id say its down to the calculated density altitude. You want it 50F rich of peak and yes to full rich below 3000ft but check the outside temp and altitude pressure as your airfield could start higher than 3000ft

So the tank both mean it takes fuel from both tanks

You go to start then to run or something like that

Anna bright I’m pretty sure means the brightness of the display

Mixture is kinda like how much fuel is getting put in in flight takeoff and landing you have at 100%for max performance but when taxi have it at about 70% to save fual

Have a gander at this about leaning for tske off if you are starting with a high density altitude

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