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Hi Folks,

Mark and I will be chatting with Matt Guthmiller this week! If you’d like to have a question featured on the episode, please feel free to comment below.

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How did you acquire th resources to make the flight?

Why the bonanza? Had you flown the aircraft a lot before you made the flight?

How many hours did you have logged before and after the flight?

Also, have you ever flown into KOWD?

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How did you occupy your time flying?

Really looking forward to hear this one! :D

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How has your flight been around the world with funforlouis?

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Excited for this one! Will definitely hear it!

What additional challenges did circumnavigation bring compared to a normal cross country/state flight?

Look guys a serious question


Do you believe aviation could be made more accessible to young people? If so, how?


How is the flight you did around the world solo different from the one you are currently doing with FunForLouis?

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Do yqpu play flight Sims if so which ones

Would you do the Bonanza Fly-in into Oshkosh next year? What challenges did you face while flying with such a large amount of aircraft?

Also, a very important one…

Do you play Infinite Flight?

Looking forward to this one Jason and Mark! :)

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Thanks for interviewing yet another interesting individual, Jason.

My questions for Matt are:

  • While circumnavigating the world, what was the scariest moment for you?
  • Since you are studying electrical engineering and computer science at MIT, what new ideas regarding modern-day technology has spawned in your mind? What kind of ideas can you bring to the table in order to make technology improve?

@jasonrosewell… MaxSez: Interesting young (all the tickets) aviator, Genius and Guinness Record Holder. Once said “There’s someone out there right now playing a flight simulator game because he wants to break my record”, you can take that to the bank Matt. “$20 for 20 minutes, hell of a start” Here a few IF Global related questions the IF Members might like to know, me to!

1). Routing; Who helped or recommended the routing, Other than the 16.5 hr leg Samoa-Hawaii, which leg was the most difficult to navigate or was void of
NavAid & lotsa Dead Air. ( minimum comm) . What countrie(s) where the hardest to transit due to en-route Terrain. Will you attempt the Amelia Airhart Route?

  1. Equipment; What upgrades did you slap on your 1981 Bonanza; new or rebuilt power plant, Upgrade the Avionics, Permenant AuxTanks or a Blivet,
    Have an Advance Team with Spares en-route, What Radio’s (U/VHF/FM), What GPS. Have any mechanical/system problems en-route, Down Time Wx/mechanical, Survival Gear w/SPOT Beacon?

3).ATC/ Weather/Misc; What Country(s) Had the worst ATC/Wx Service, Ground Service, Customs Service. Suffer any Ill effects, diet chg-water, Have a Sponsor?

Continue the March Matt/Jason, God’s Speed, Respectfully, Max


Question: Do you think your record is going to be broken by another teen soon?

UPDATE: This record has already been broken by someone from Australia. His wikipedia page hasn’t been updated to reflect that yet.


WOW Huge fan of Mark Guthmiller!

1: How is the journey with FunForLouis? When are you leaving them?

2: How much preparation did it take to fly around the world?

3: What kind of training did you need?

4: How did you deal with different ATC regulations? E.g EASA and FAA Regs.


How many times did you put the Aircraft on autopilot to sleep?When you circumnavigate the earth, roughly speaking.

What do you think of young P/UT’s?

How old were you when you started flying?

What’s the nicest aircraft you’ve ever flown?

Thanks! Maks

Really looking forward to this one!

Took my question. :)

How does it feel to be able to bring your friends on amazing flights every week?

Do you enjoy knowing that you can go basically anywhere you want anytime?

Do you play Infinite Flight? (If he doesn’t - tell him he really should. I would love to see N367HP flying around!) :)

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Ask what whout Louis was like in the plane over the north atlantic

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